Frog Man

As an extension of their in-class unit on amphibians and the life cycles of toads and frogs, the first-graders at Bellmore’s Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center enjoyed a visit from the Frog Man. Brian Wallrapp, known as the Frog Man to the first-graders, serves as a science consultant to the district and offers enrichment opportunities to students throughout the district.

During his visit, Mr. Wallrapp shared information on the habitats, life cycles and various species of toads and frogs. Additionally, the students had an opportunity to meet Tammy the tree frog, Freddy the fire belly toad and Baxter the bullfrog. Following the visit with the Frog Man, each first-grade class will continue learning about the amphibians and will receive tadpole eggs in their classroom to watch them grow into frogs.