The Circus Came to Winthrop Avenue

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The Winthrop Avenue fourth grade chorus emoted images of ringmasters, animal performances, clowns and tightrope walkers during two performances of a circus-themed concert, under the direction of teacher Maria Martucci and choreographed by Mallory Aranoff. 

Held on Feb. 14 for parents and peers, the well-rehearsed choral group sang “When the Circus Comes to Town,” “Who Wants to be the Ringmaster?” “The Mane Event,” “Clowning Around,” and a reprise of “When the Circus Came to Town.” Additionally, the students led the audience in the singing of the “Winthrop Avenue Song,” and students Sophie Levinsohn on cello and William Shuart on violin performed a duet at the beginning of the show. As part of the Winthrop Avenue tradition, student leaders took the opportunity to announce each of the songs. 

Ms. Martucci, during her opening remarks, told parents that the students have been practicing their music for several weeks in preparation for the concert and thanked them for their dedication and support of the music program.