Bellmore leaders find the Fraction Thief

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From left, Shore Road School students in Bellmore School District Caeley Flynn, Jonathan Cohen, Julianna Carbone and Madison Brand employ their fraction skills to solve clues during a Breakout EDU activity.
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A flashlight uncovers clues that Shore Road School students (l-r) Emily McDermott, Courtney Haymach, Evan Garces and Dominick Nagilca need to open locks and the black boxes during a Breakout EDU game called The Fraction Thief.
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From left, Shore Road School students Emily McDermott and Courtney Haymach collaborate to open one of several locks during a Breakout EDU game called The Fraction Thief.
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Collaboration and a Think Win-Win attitude are essential to solving The Fraction Thief clues and to open the boxes during a Breakout EDU activity at Shore Road School.
Divided into teams, Shore Road students in the Bellmore School District adopted a Think Win-Win attitude and synergized in a quest to solve layers of clues to ultimately unlock a small box during a Breakout EDU activity. Breakout EDU games are based on the popular Escape the Room activities and require students to work collaboratively to solve a series of puzzles to reach their ultimate goal.
Prior to the activity called The Fraction Thief, technology teacher Lauren Pedone read a scenario describing a character who entered a securely-locked classroom at night. The thief absconded with a fraction of the activity the teacher had planned, as well as her precious golden apple. Using their multiplication and division of fractions skills, the students were instructed to open the box, find the missing clues, rescue the apple and restore the teacher’s hope.
Students within each team were assigned a role: the reader to read the clues, the locksmith to open and care for the locks, and the table captain(s) to keep the team on course. Even though the students each had a role, everyone had to employ a Think Win-Win attitude to solve puzzles and clues to unlock a larger and smaller box within a designated time frame. Additionally, students had to recall and polish their knowledge of fractions for a successful outcome.