Promoting Responsible Citizens

As a way of reviewing its code of conduct and core values and reiterating the importance of making good choices, Shore Road School hosted a schoolwide Dignity for All Students assembly. During the program, Principal Patrice Matthews and school social worker Christine Davison provided the students with an age-appropriate overview of the Dignity for All Students Act, reviewed the school code of conduct, showed videos on bullying and cyberbullying, informed the students about the student incident reporting form, and reviewed behavioral expectations while also reinforcing the five districtwide core values – respect, dedication, integrity, trust and teamwork.

“All of the adults here today feel very strongly that we are all in this building to feel safe, to feel good about ourselves, and to feel good that we are treating others with kindness,” said Mrs. Matthews. “How do we do this? We all know that we start with our core values. That drives who we are inside. If we live by our core values, we will always meet with success.”