The Year of the Dragon

Students at Bellmore’s Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center concluded their lesson on the Chinese New Year with a special performance by Chinese acrobat Li Liu. Sponsored by the PTA-Cultural Arts committee, Li Liu treated students to her act of balancing, plate spinning, trick cycling, juggling, and ribbon dancing. Students also learned about various aspects of Chinese culture, geography, and language, as well as the historical significance of the featured Chinese dances.

“Chinese New Year is much like Christmas in the United States,” said Liu. “Our celebration lasts for 15 days. One of the most exciting parts of Chinese New Year for the children is the hóngbāo. They are red envelopes given as gifts that contain money.”

Li Liu also discussed the significance of the color red in Chinese culture. “Red is a special color in China. We believe it brings good luck and pushes the bad things away.”