Reinhard Rising Stars Have Pep!

Students at Bellmore’s Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center celebrated their character education program kickoff at the annual Rising Star Pep Rally on Oct. 3. In preparation for the program, each student designed and colored his or her own yellow star. To begin the pep rally, the students, along with their teachers, were seated in five different areas of the school’s auditorium from which they sang and cheered for the specific Bellmore core value they represented - integrity, respect, dedication, trust or teamwork.

Staff members dressed as characters from “Beauty and the Beast” then performed a short skit that reinforced the character education program, core values and proper bus procedures and etiquette. Written by school psychologist Elise Cahill, the play was set at Reinhard and Belle was tasked with teaching the Beast and the assorted cast of characters how to live their lives using these core values.

To end the program, the students all recited the Rising Star Pledge, where they promised to “be a Reinhard Rising Star by doing what is right and true.”