Lights, Camera, Drama!

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This fall, before school on Tuesday mornings, more than 50 fifth- and sixth-grade students at Shore Road School in the Bellmore School District voluntarily participated in the Shore Road Drama Club. The budding playwrights created original characters, plots and scripts and performed skits for one another.

“Club activities involved students developing and performing their own scripts, and the experience of acting from a published play,” said club co-adviser Linda Lebowitz. “Skits titled ‘The Poisonous Pancakes,’ ‘An Undiscovered Planet,’ ‘Past the Corner,’ ‘Ghost Bumps,’ ‘The Haunted House,’ ‘The Apartment of Doom’ and ‘Wrong Direction’ kept us laughing and on the edge of our seats, and even gave us a few goose bumps.”

The goal of the club, which is now in its third year, is to expose students to different aspects of the theater arts. In addition to creating their own plays, the students learned to read lines and use their voices to convey emotion, humor and suspense.