Understanding American Indians at Winthrop

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Fourth-graders at Winthrop took a trip through time on Jan. 8-9 to understand how American Indians lived many years ago.

Following a slide presentation in the auditorium, students enjoyed a museum of artifacts in the gym, complete with deerskin blankets, lacrosse sticks (which were invented by Indians) and other historical pieces. There was also an adventure in the library, where students experienced games, such as Ring & Pin and Bowl Dice. Sage Brantley, who was adopted into a Southern Cheyenne family, also shared stories with the children.

The fourth-graders also enjoyed various other workshops devoted to Iroquois government and clay to go along with a music and dance experience in the gym.

Journeys Into American Indian Territory was created because of the deeply meaningful experiences Robert Vetter had while conducting graduate anthropological fieldwork among Oklahoma’s Comanche and other tribes in the early 1980’s. He was “adopted” by several Indian people and felt personally transformed as a result of the life and teachings they shared with him.