Leaving an Imprint on School History

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Third- and fourth-grade students at Winthrop Avenue School left their imprint on the school when they created music notes, drama masks and other fine arts-themed tiles, which will be used to decorate the auditorium.

The students worked with visiting artist Cathy Russell to create a “Sole Mates Mural,” which is a symbol of what can be accomplished when kids step up and work together for a common goal. Using clay and the soles of their shoes, students learned the process of building ceramic tiles while exploring elements and principles of art, such as shape, texture, line and pattern. After the tiles air-dried, they were fired in a kiln.

After the initial firing was completed, students participated in a second workshop to add color to the tiles. The tiles were painted and re-fired. Each tile will become part of a larger design, much like the tesserae of a mosaic. The design will be mounted as a mural and will remain a permanent installation in the building.