A Friendly Track Competition

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Exercise is an important component to Bellmore students’ education as seen in Shore Road’s annual Sixth-Grade Track Meet.

Under the direction of physical education teachers Mallory Cogen and Brian Scott, sixth-graders participated in a four-week unit to increase their skills in running, jumping, balance and throwing. At the end of the unit, the students battled it out during a meet that included the 50- and 75-yard dash, standing broad jump, long distance team relay and softball throw for distance. After each event, the top boy and girl competitors received a bronze, silver or gold medal. 

Mr. Scott noted that the activity not only keeps the students in shape, but reinforces the principles of teamwork, cooperation and leadership.  
Congratulations to the following winners:

Standing Broad Jump
Boys: Eric Isaac (Gold), Joseph Vaccaro (Silver) and Caleb Hazel & Li Lin (Bronze)
Girls: Riley Fried (Gold), Gianna Bernardini & Savannah Logiudice (Silver) and Kayla Romano & Grace Vario (Bronze)

75-Yard Dash
Boys: Joseph Vaccaro (Gold), Kyle Gokce (Silver) and Christopher Field (Bronze)
Girls: Courtney Becker (Gold), Samantha Schneider (Silver) and Savannah Logiudice (Bronze)

50-Yard Dash
Boys: Richie Ippoliti (Gold), Eric Isaac (Silver) and Nicholas Papazis (Bronze)
Girls: Riley Fried (Gold), Elisabeth LeVan (Silver) and Alexa Berger (Bronze)

Softball Throw
Boys: Christopher Field (Gold), Joseph Barzilay (Silver) and Gavin Martinez (Bronze)
Girls: Gianna Costaro (Gold), Taylor Bodt (Silver) and Skyler Poster (Bronze)