Parents Learn Positive Study Habits

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The district hosted its second parent workshop on Jan. 28 to give them tools to ensure their children’s success in school.

The Study Skills Parent Workshop was designed to help parents find more efficient ways to help their children with their work after school hours. In December, the district hosted a workshop on its enVision math program.

Led by teachers and Graceann McClenahan, Lauren McHale and Christopher Merz, the program concentrated on study skills and strategies across all grade levels. Parents learned how study skills and work habits develop through the years and how they can support those habits. Parents were also taught age-appropriate strategies and skills to encourage the development and use of study skills in the home environment and how best to help their child review classroom material to prepare for tests.

Parents were encouraged to engage their children in conversations about each night’s homework topic to ensure they retained the information.

“Keep in mind what you know about your child,” Dr. Joanne Dacek, assistant superintendent for instructional services, said. “You have to see what works in your own home.”