Reinhard Students Use Imagination to Kick off PARP

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To celebrate their Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) program, students in grades k-2 at the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center attended a Reading Pep Rally on March 19 with author and illustrator Joe Shandrowski, who brought his dragon friend Huga Tuga along for the ride.

In an interactive program that called for students to dance, answer questions and become fully engaged, Shandrowski took kids on an adventure through his book “Seashell Mystery,” where a girl named Sarah tried to figure out where seashells came from. Using their imaginations, along with music and props, students worked together to solve the puzzle of the seashells.

Shandrowski stressed that “reading rocks,” and the students chanted that phrase during the program. He also said that one way to help your imagination grow is to read each and every day.

Following a Luau theme, this year’s Reinhard PARP theme is “Say Aloha to Reading.”