A-buzz with Spelling Bee Talent

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Sam Kalish was the winner of Winthrop Avenue’s annual fourth-grade spelling bee, with William Cona, Spenser Perlmutter and Skylar White all tying for second.

Fourteen students battled it out on the auditorium stage to claim the title of top speller, with teacher Lauren McHale as moderator and teachers Carolyn Buckley, Deirdre Golden and Alexandra Grodin as judges. The competition was challenging, when after seven rounds and the misspelling of “costume” and “disappear,” Sam gave the correct spelling of “paragraph” to become the winner.

Prior to the spelling bee, contests were held in individual classrooms and the two top spellers from each class were invited to participate in the competition. The district also congratulates Alex Cerrotta, Valentino DeLuna, Hunter Goldberg, Connor Hovell, Jacob Krukas, Hannah Levine, Jack Levitt, Jarret Oken, Mark Prainito and Gabriella Schechtman on their outstanding participation and sportsmanship.