Where Am I in the World?

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Winthrop Avenue students enrolled in Kelly Baccari’s and Annie Craine’s class  ventured to ask the question, “Where Am I in the World?”

In pursuing the answer to this question, they became experts on the everyday “leaders” in their school community and the purpose and value of the locations surrounding them. They also gained a deeper knowledge of Bellmore’s core values and leadership principles as they discovered how those in their environment exemplified related character traits. 

The unit commenced with the students’ analysis of their position in the world in relation to the solar system, planet Earth, North America, New York and finally Bellmore. Each student was then assigned a specific location in Bellmore to research, coming up with questions to interview the owner or company representative. Some of the businesses studied were the Bellmore library and fire department, Stella’s Pizzeria, King Kullen and the post office. 

In researching the individual businesses, the students analyzed how the owners and their business paradigms paralleled the Bellmore School District’s leadership principles and core values, bringing the district’s character development program to life. 

The students then utilized Google maps and made G Slides to create presentations on their research, becoming expert presenters of their information. They also used Tinkercard to create 3D digital designs of Bellmore village with the school’s 3D printer.