CharACTer Matters at Winthrop Avenue

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Since the fall, 20 Winthrop Avenue students have gathered during recess to perfect their roles and singing skills in the CharACTer Drama titled “From the Inside Out.” The students held two flawless performances of the Teresa Jennings’s drama, adapted by Mallory Cogen and Marjorie Falabella, which sent the message that everyone is their own life architect for who they want to become.

Under the direction of music teacher Erica Davis, the cast sang and gave readings inspiring the audience to utilize the leadership principles and core values emphasized by the district.

“Through this CharACTer Drama, we are teaching students a positive way to think and inspiring them to become better people,” Ms. Cogen said.  

Ms. Falabella also noted that through the students’ determination, teamwork and commitment, their performance already embodied leadership principles and core values taught by Bellmore Schools.