Stranger Incident from North Merrick School District

The following notification was sent to the North Merrick School District families:

Right after dismissal today, three 6th grade students, walking home near Fraser and William Streets, when a 4 door grayish car with a male driver approached. The driver attempted to communicate with the students and the students wisely ran away. The children are safe and a police report was made . As a result, we expect that there will be a police presence in the immediate area. Please use this opportunity to discuss basic safety protocols with your children. Also, immediately contact the police if you see this vehicle or see anything else that compromises the safety of our children. Thanks and have a safe weekend.

Stranger Incident from Merrick School District

The following is what the Merrick School District sent.
A Merrick parent informed the District that a white van followed a 6th Grader home from her bus stop near Bay and Harbor yesterday, April 18.  The parent filed a report with the 7th Precinct.  The student took the appropriate action and is safe.  Please take the opportunity to discuss stranger safety with your children.

Stranger Incident at Merrick Avenue Middle School

The information below was originally sent to families in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District. Please take this opportunity to remind your children of stranger safety precautions.  

At about 3:50 PM yesterday afternoon, two Merrick Avenue Middle School students were approached by a green four-door sedan; the driver attempted to get the students to come over to his car. The driver appeared to be an Hispanic male in his thirties. A police report has been filed.  This incident is very similar to a recent incident at Grand Ave. Middle School. Again, please speak with your children about exercising caution and good judgment if they are in a similar situation.  Thank you.