Duct Tape Products

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Putting their art skills to use for a good cause, fourth-graders in Alexandra Grodin’s class at Bellmore’s Winthrop Avenue School created items using duct tape. “In class we host family meetings, which are used to improve upon our interpersonal relationships,” said Mrs. Grodin. “In one of our meetings, we brainstormed ideas on community service projects and came up with the duct tape project.”

With the assistance of parent volunteers, the students used decorative duct tape to create pocketbooks, wallets, pens and other items, which were sold during lunch periods to raise money for Project Sage Horse Rescue in Northport. In addition to applying their art skills, the students used math to correctly measure the tape for the size of the product being created. The fourth-graders were also responsible for advertising the innovative fundraiser to their fellow students.