Dear Parents,

This morning I attended a press conference at the Chatterton School that was coordinated by County Executive Mangano. He was accompanied by the Deputy Commissioner, Chief of the Department, Legislator Denenberg, and other ranking police officials. Mr. Mangano expressed his concern about the large number of recent stranger incidents in the community. First and foremost, he advised that there is no greater priority than the protection of our children. The police have identified one individual who they are looking to bring in for questioning (click here). Also, the police department and the County Executive indicated that there would be an increased police presence in the area. Citizens were reminded that “If you see something, say something,” meaning that any suspicious activity should be reported to the police. Also, parents were encouraged to speak to their children about stranger safety. A police publication on stranger safety can be found at the NCPD website -

Please be assured that we will continue to speak to the children about stranger safety. Immediately contact the police if you or your child witness any safety-related incident. Should this happen, also communicate with school officials so we can immediately disseminate this information to our entire school community.

Joseph S. Famularo, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools