The message below was sent yesterday evening from the Bellmore Merrick Central High School District
From: David Seinfeld
Subject: Stranger Incident:
Earlier this afternoon, while running up Meadowbrook Road, a few of our boys on the spring track team were approached by a man in a teal-colored mini-van. The person was described as a male white with olive-toned skin, salt and pepper hair, and about 50 years old. He asked the boys, "would you like a ride?" One of the boys said to him, "Are you the man trying to lure kids into your car?" At that point the man left the scene. This occurred on Meadowbrook Road just outside the North Merrick Library. The police have been notified and I will make an announcement tomorrow to advise the students of this event and to strongly recommend that they travel in pairs or in small groups, as has been the case with our track teams for a number of years. I would ask you to speak with your children as well about this and other safety precautions. Mr. Seinfeld