Dignity for All

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As a way of reviewing its code of conduct and core values and reiterating the importance of making good choices, Shore Road School hosted a schoolwide Dignity for All Students assembly.

During the assembly led by Principal Patrice Matthews and school social worker Christine Davison, the students received an age-appropriate overview of the code of conduct and Dignity for All Students Act, watched videos on bullying and cyberbullying, learned about the student incident reporting form and reviewed behavior expectations. “It's important that we address issues of harassment and bullying, as well as discuss how students can get help if they feel they need it,” said Mrs. Davison.

“There are 333 of you in this building and each one of you is very different, but that doesn’t mean we cannot come together as one,” Mrs. Matthews said to the assembled students. “Each of you has the power to make a positive difference in your fellow students.”

As a follow-up to the program, in-class lessons will be held to reinforce DASA, the code of conduct and core values throughout the year. Students will also be recognized through schoolwide announcements when caught making good choices and exhibiting the core values of respect, dedication, integrity, trust and teamwork.