A Firsthand Account of Harvey

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Shore Road sixth-graders heard firsthand accounts of what it was like to experience the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, which pummeled coastal cities of Texas in August. 

Houston residents Christopher Baeza, son of teacher Phinola Baeza, and his fiancé and emergency room doctor, Mina Tran, discussed their personal experiences with the category 4 storm. The speakers made comparisons between Hurricane Harvey and Superstorm Sandy, noting how the geographic landscape had an influence on the resulting damage. During the assembly, the students asked questions about how the couple prepared for the storm, what they took with them upon evacuating, whether their apartment complex was damaged and if Dr. Tran believed the governor of Texas was correct in releasing water from the reservoir.     

Ms. Baeza said this assembly precedes a unit on natural disasters, which will be studied later in the school year. She noted that the students will now have a firsthand account of Hurricane Harvey when they discuss natural disasters this coming spring,