Shore Road to Complete Tasks of Kindness

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During an assembly with 3 Screens Academic Entertainment, Inc., fifth- and sixth-grade Shore Road students were encouraged to be responsible to one another by completing a task of kindness. The event tied in with the district’s 2017-2018 character education theme “Mind, Body, Heart” and challenged the students to look inside their hearts to find a good deed for someone.

“Everyone has the ability to be kind,” presenter Greg Evers said. “There is a need everywhere and others are waiting for you.”

Three screens were assembled to create a 43-foot-wide video wall that projected stories about how young people have made a positive difference in the lives of others in a program titled “Start to Finish.” Although the activity pointed out that kindness and caring were actions that should never stop, unhealthy choices, such as bullying and dangerous use of the Internet were also addressed.

“We constantly talk about continuous improvement in our lives,” Principal Patrice Matthews noted, “but how can we think more about our heart and our relationships with others?”