Fall Learning in Full Swing in Full-Day Pre-K

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Fall learning is in full swing in the Reinhard’s pre-kindergarten program. For the first time, the district is offering a full-day pre-kindergarten experience for its youngest students that provides enrichment opportunities fostering inquiry, observation, experimentation and exploration.

Ms. Haines reported that, “The students have settled nicely into the classroom environment and are very eager to learn. We have a wonderful class this year.”

During a science class with Mrs. Haines, students explored ways to make sound from common items including a comb, plastic container, wax paper, tissue paper, a rubber band and bungee chord. The tactile lesson concluded with the students drawing a picture in their Inventor’s Journals of the item with which they most enjoyed making sound. 

Alison Burke’s class further developed their sensory skills through fall learning center activities. The students sorted fall leaves into various containers, sponge painted the exterior of a leaf template, participated in a pumpkin shape matching activity and pasted sequined leaves on trees to resemble the East Coast’s vibrant fall colors.