A ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Study of Core Values

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Charles A. Reinhard students enjoyed a fun-filled, on-stage performance by administrators and staff during the school’s annual Pep Rally on Oct. 6 to further enhance the district’s teaching of core values.

Written by Coordinator for Student Services Elise Cahill, the script loosely reflected the characters of “Monsters, Inc.” who wanted to power their city by scaring children. In this version of the play, however, the monsters learned to incorporate the core values of integrity, trust, respect, teamwork and dedication to power Bellmore.

Under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, each class performed songs based on one of the core values, while holding up handmade stars decorated with notations on how to become rising stars in the school and community.

The district would like to thank the following cast members for their terrific work and dedication: Teri Venitmiglia (James P. Sullivan), Elia DeBlasio (Mike Wazowski), Elise Cahill (Randell Boggs), Mandy Kowalski (Mr. Waternoose), Kristen Peo (Celia), Debbie Sebbesse (Respect Monster), David Reilly (Teamwork Monster 1), Beth Boklan (Teamwork Monster 2), Jen Siano (Integrity Monster), Keri Sanpietro (Trust Monster), Ari Bisk (Dedication Monster) and Jenn Magliano (Boo).