Reading Superpowers Abound

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Winthrop Avenue students are using their superpowers to meet their collective school goal of reading 9,000 minutes during the month of October as part of Pick a Reading Partner month. PARP is a New York State PTA Program, which encourages parents, staff and community to collaborate in the building of a reading partnership between home and school and to motivate students to love reading. 

Principal Sally Curto said the students are encouraged to engage in a reading activity for five days a week and for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. Reading can include a book, news article, following a recipe or playing a board game with written instructions. During the four-week program, each student’s minutes are recorded and the total school minutes are posted in the lobby so that the school’s super readers can see their superheroes climb a rendition of the Empire State Building. 

Other activities during the month include a PARP program kickoff with the Petra Puppets, as well as a Book Fairies used book collection, a Drop Everything and Read activity, and the school’s book fair. PARP also coincides with the district’s Oct. 19 Literacy Night. If the students reach the ultimate goal, Mrs. Curto will participate in the much-anticipated annual Principal’s Challenge later this month.

“Our students so far have been doing a really great job of meeting their daily goals with their reading superpowers,” Mrs. Curto said. “They are truly reading superheroes.”