Latin American Appreciation Day

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To conclude their foreign language unit of study on Latin American and its cultures, fifth-grade students in Jennifer Eicholz’s, Linda Lebowitz’s, Jody Leibowitz’s and Gina Paino’s classes at Shore Road School hosted a Latin American Appreciation Day. Working together with music teacher Laura Laude and librarian Mary Willis, FLES teacher Angelita Piche developed an interdisciplinary/cross-curricular program to explore our Latin American neighbors in the Western Hemisphere.

Kicking off the unit of study, Mrs. Willis guided the students in utilizing World Book Online to research several Latin American countries, while Ms. Laude chose songs and dances from each country for the students to learn. Mrs. Piche and Ms. Laude helped the students learn the songs in Spanish.  

At the conclusion of the unit, the students hosted parents and other family members for Latin American Appreciation Day on May 20. Singing songs such as José-Luis Orozco’s “Que Llueva” and dancing Los Machetes, a folk dance from Mexico, the students entertained the crowd before gathering together to enjoy authentic Latin cuisine.