Getting Fit at Winthrop

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Third- and fourth-grade students at Winthrop Avenue School are getting fit this spring as they participate in the lunchtime Walking Club. Organized by physical education teacher Ari Bisk and school nurse Joanne Luckey, the students spend their recess twice a week walking the field in front of the school doing laps and, if they choose, stopping at stations to participate in different heart-healthy activities such as jumping jacks, squats and burpees.  

“The purpose of this Walking Club is to promote physical well-being and socialization,” said Principal Sally Curto.

The club began four years ago when Ms. Luckey brought the idea to the school. “It’s a lot of fun,” said Ms. Luckey. “Walking is a lifelong activity that can help keep everyone healthy. The kids have a great time.”

Student participants are rewarded for their commitment to the club. According to Ms. Luckey, students who attend five times receive small prizes such as a Walking Club bracelet, while students who attend 10 times have their photo added to the club’s hall of fame.