Fire Safety Lessons

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Students from the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center recently received a lesson in fire safety from members of the Bellmore Fire Department during a special health and safety presentation.

During the visit, ex-captain Thomas Stoerger reinforced fire safety rules, including the importance of having an escape plan and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. He also stressed the importance of being prepared and alert if caught in a fire. “If you hear a fire alarm and see or smell smoke, remember these two things: ‘get low and go’ and ‘get out and stay out,’” he said. “Never return to a burning building.”

Additionally, firefighters Brandon Conway and Danny Donovan dressed up in their full gear, including oxygen tank and mask, allowing students to see what a fireman would look like in a fire so that they would not be afraid. “A firefighter is your friend,” said Mr. Stoerger.

At the conclusion of the program, the students were given educational coloring books to bring home so they could discuss fire safety with their families.