Hatching Chicks at Reinhard

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In late May, students in Christine Wuchte’s class at Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center welcomed Farmer Tom from Quiver Farm in Pennsylvania. With him, he brought Max the Rooster, Ruby the Hen and 12 fertilized eggs, which would remain with the students until hatched, and taught the kindergartners about the animals and how to care for the eggs. “He explained how to use the incubator and what daily duties were needed to care for the eggs,” said Mrs. Wuchte. “He also explained to the children how to set up the brooding box once the chicks hatched.”

In preparation for Farmer Tom’s visit, the students listened to many books about chickens and eggs, completed research on oviparous animals (animals that lay eggs) and prepared questions. The students continued their chicken study with activities such as writing from the perspective of the chick in the egg, sorting oviparous and non-oviparous animals, and learning about the life cycle of the chicken.

After much anticipation, the students witnessed the hatchings and welcomed Zoey, Rooster, Ariel, Super Chick, Dylan, Hannah, Mr. Chick, Sharkey, Elsa, Frieda and Little Peep to Reinhard. During chick observation time, the children built a play area with blocks and let the chicks move about the area. “This was a favorite activity for the children because it was fun to see the chicks’ different personalities,” said Mrs. Wuchte. Many classes came to visit the feathered visitors, and the kindergarten students enjoyed teaching about chickens and answering questions about the experience.