Comparing Apples to Apples

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Combining their English language arts and mathematics units with their art skills, second-grade students in Eileen Consiglio’s and Marissa DeMarzo’s classes at Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center participated in the annual apple fest activity.

The students traveled in small groups to different apple-centered stations during the afternoon activity. Employing their creativity, they crafted stained-glass apples using construction paper and colored cellophane and undertook an apple-printing art project with paint and an apple cut in half.

Utilizing their math skills, the students made predictions on whether an apple would weigh more or less than certain vegetables. After sampling a variety of red, yellow and green apples, they graphed the results of a classwide apple taste test. In Ms. Consiglio’s class, the favorite was the Golden Delicious, while Mrs. DeMarzo’s class was tied between Golden Delicious and Macintosh.

To complete the activity, the second-graders read about Johnny Appleseed and drew pictures to go along with the story.