Wrapped Up in Ancient History

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During the study of ancient civilizations, students in Carolyn Acevedo’s sixth-grade class at Shore Road School learned about the mummification process. As a culminating activity of their studies on ancient Egypt, select students allowed their peers to wrap them in plastic bags and tape and then apply plaster strips to create a cast for a mummy’s body and head.   

“The mummy project was a perfect way to bring history to life,” Ms. Acevedo said. “The students had such a fun time, were extremely motivated and did a wonderful job.”

After the cast dried, the mummy was painted gold. The students then had to create a backstory for the pharaoh, detailing his or her achievements, reign and death in narrative form. Based on the pharaoh’s life, the students will then choose patterns and symbols to paint on the mummy, and the placement of encrusted jewels will finish the process.