Newest Artwork Unveiled at Bellmore Star Arts Gallery

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The exemplary artwork of district students was unveiled during the opening of the 2016 Bellmore Star Arts Gallery, held at the district office on April 11. More than 40 pieces of artwork were exhibited in matching gold frames, donated by alumnus James Perna. Under the guidance of art teachers, Michelle Block and Stephen Gorey, the students expressed themselves through a variety of media and skills sets including mask making, watercolor, pencil and more.

Both Ms. Block and Mr. Gorey explained the difficulty in choosing the star-quality pieces for the gallery. “I considered the student’s dedication to the arts, as well as his or her ability to follow instructions,” Ms. Block said.

Mr. Gorey noted that there are so many talented art students in the district that the gallery could triple in size. “I chose the artwork of students whose quality and effort exemplified the leadership skills of time and effort,” he said.

Exhibitors received a certificate of achievement, and their work will continue to hang in the gallery for one year.