Pre-Kindergarten Students Celebrate the Fall Season

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Cooler temperatures and shorter days precipitated an array of fall activities for pre-kindergarten students.

During the pre-kindergarten program’s first month of operation, students in Liz Haines’ and Alison Burke’s classes first learned about apples. Using a graph, the students placed their favorite red, yellow or green apple on a graph to determine the most popular. After cutting open an apple and studying the seeds and star inside, the students made colorful apple prints that now decorate the classrooms. In addition, the students made footprint apple trees, using their footprint as the trunk, a green-colored loofah print as the tree and thumbprints as red apples.

“One of our goals in the pre-kindergarten program is to build the students' sensory skills through their activities,” Ms. Burke explained.

An additional activity involved the students finding fluffy, orange cotton balls (pumpkins) inside a bowl of dirt (black beans). Using a clothespin, the students were instructed to pick up the pumpkins and to place them in a miniature jack-o’-lantern. The activity was designed to improve the students’ sensory and fine motor skills.  

One final activity involved the creation of leaf paintings. After the teachers placed a leaf template taped on paper to an easel, the students were instructed to sponge paint the exterior with bright fall colors. The final product showed the outline of a leaf.