Celebrating the Fall Season

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Reinhard celebrated the fall season by hosting Octoberfest and its own pumpkin patch. These much-anticipated events provided students with opportunities to participate in autumn-themed educational activities while socializing with peers.
During Octoberfest, second-graders were divided into stations, where they assembled a scarecrow craft and estimated how many pennies could fit on the face of a pumpkin. They also colored a glyph, a picture that required them to listen to directions and choices before coloring a section, and learned how to measure the circumference of a pumpkin.
In addition, the school courtyard was converted into a pumpkin patch, where each student was given time to pick their favorite pumpkin. Teachers also took their classes to a decorative location for a photo with their pumpkins. Back in the classroom, the students engaged in pumpkin activities, which included measuring the gourds’ height and circumference, counting the number of veins on them, writing descriptions about them, and listening to stories about the fall and Halloween.