Words of Thanks to the Nation’s Veterans

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In keeping with the tenets of the district’s character education program, Shore Road sixth-graders demonstrated their respect to U.S. veterans by writing letters to those who have served and reside in the Northport Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

Shore Road librarian Mary Willis explained to the students that a veteran is not necessarily an older man who served in World War II, but men and women today who have served their country in many capacities while enlisted in the military. She noted that writing letters to veterans has personal significance for her because she has visited her father in a veterans home and has seen some residents who have no one who writes to or visits them.

“Honoring and writing letters to veterans is one of the most important things we can do each year,” Ms. Willis said.

In addition to penning letters, the students watched a video titled “Honoring All Who Served” and read Margo Theis Raven’s book “America’s White Table.” Some of the students also shared their own stories about veterans they know.