An Hour of Code

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Shore Road students learned that giving directions in correct sequence is an important skill in writing computer code. During an Hour of Code with technology teacher Lauren Pedone, the students learned block-based coding found in JavaScript, a form of code used in the computer games Angry Birds and Ice Age.

Ms. Pedone created a grid out of masking tape on the classroom floor, which contained blocks with x’s and colored squares. A student dubbed the “run” was given a series of directions by peers, who held postcard “blocks” written with “turn left,” “move forward” and “turn right.” The students were able to switch out the directional blocks to acquire the desired result. By following the correct sequence, the “run” moved to the desired color square on the grid.

“This process is used in computer programming to build a sequence,” Ms. Pedone said. “The lesson teaches the students to think sequentially and to give directions in a computer language.”

The students also had the opportunity to write code by logging on to, where they completed puzzles using sequencing and block-based coding. Ms. Pedone said there will be a new opportunity for students to access their account at home or at school to complete 20 hours of additional programming on the Code Studio website.