Learning the Essence of Yoga

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As part of Health and Safety Week, Winthrop Avenue students stretched out on mats to learn some basic yoga moves. Taught by certified, Nassau BOCES approved yoga instructor Arleen Mattos, the activity was an introduction to the techniques learned in the school’s new yoga club to be offered this spring.

“This is the ultimate way to make your minds and bodies healthy and to connect with your essence,” Mattos told the students.    

Participants learned etiquette on the mat, the symbolism behind the starting bell and elementary yoga techniques. They also learned that yoga builds flexibility and helps followers to pay attention and manage feelings.

In addition to yoga instruction, the students also spoke with Nassau County police officer Sharon Galvin about technology safety and security in the community. They attended an assembly on good nutrition and healthy eating habits, as well as bully prevention. Students also learned about passenger and pedestrian safety through the AAA Program.