Reinhard Students are 100 Days Brighter

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As Reinhard students filed into their classrooms on Jan. 15, they were greeted with balloons and congratulated by faculty and staff for having attended the first 100 days of school.

Students in Pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade then filed into the auditorium where they sang the Reinhard Song, “The 100 Song” and “One by One” to celebrate the momentous occasion. To sharpen their math skills, everyone counted to 100 by tens and fives, stayed completely silent for 100 seconds and searched with classmates for 100 words posted throughout the school.

In addition, second-grade students participated in a 100-Day math challenge by writing equations totaling 100. Many of the students also decorated T-shirts and poster boards with items totaling 100 and dressed as 100-year-old people.