Sixth-Grade Students Leave a Legacy Through Art

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Shore Road sixth-graders have embarked on a collaborative artistic representation of their connection to the school community, as well as their impending move to the middle school this fall.

Called the “Sole” Mates Legacy Project, the students are working under the direction of visiting artist Catherine Russell to create a sail boat-themed mosaic, which will be installed on the wall later this year as a parting gift to the school. The theme for this year’s project is based on Thomas S. Monson’s statement, “We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” 

During the final ceramic workshop encompassing the glazing process, the students painted the sailboats, which were first imprinted with the soles of their shoes to add an interesting element to the design process before being placed in a kiln. The brightly multi-colored sailboats will then be arranged in a mosaic.  

Ms. Russell explained that although the students will leave Shore Road and their gift behind, the bond they share and the pride in their collective accomplishments will stay with them as they embark on new beginnings.