Promoting Cyber Safety

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As part of the District’s ongoing efforts to educate their students on the importance of cyber safety, the Shore Road School welcomed Nassau County Police Officer Sharon Galvin.

During her visit, Officer Galvin spoke to the sixth-graders about staying safe online, cyberbullying and various types of online harassment, cyber safety, social media outlets and community safety awareness. She also touched upon the increasing use of cellphones as a method of harassing a person. One piece of advice the sixth-graders walked away with was “stop it, block it, tell someone.” If the students encounter something inappropriate while they’re online, they’re encouraged to stop what they’re doing, block the offending material and tell an adult.

“At this age, the students are using all types of technology, but are still learning how to use it appropriately,” said school social work Christine Davison. “It’s really important for the students to understand how to use this technology safely and respectfully and about the long-term consequences of sharing things online. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.”