Shore Students Bake at Spiga

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On March 3, students in Antoinette Fortunato and Elaine Stephan’s life science group from Bellmore’s Shore Road School visited Spiga Bakery on Merrick Road. In preparation for the trip, the group studied measurement and capacity, bakery/kitchen vocabulary, kitchen appliances and kitchen safety, as well as following a recipe.

While at the bakery, Chef Luca instructed the students on how to bake a large batch of chocolate chip cookies. The students worked together and utilized their background knowledge of measurement, kitchen vocabulary, appliances and safety to make the cookie dough. They used various ingredients and were able to observe how the individual components interacted and changed from dry to cream to dough, and finally to formed, rounded shapes. As the cookies were baking, Chef Luca took the students on a tour of the kitchen, explaining baking procedures and appliances.

“The students were very enthusiastic and excited to eat their finished product,” said Ms. Fortunato. “Once the cookies were baked, the students got to enjoy the delicious finished product in the café area of the bakery.”