A Day in the Life of a Book

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As part of their monthlong celebration of Parents as Reading Parents in March, Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center welcomed illustrator Steven Petruccio and his program, “A Day in the Life of a Book.” The fun and engaging program explained to students the difference between an artist and illustrator. “An illustration tells a story, while illustrators draw pictures that tell stories,” explained Mr. Petruccio.

Mr. Petruccio shared his story on how he became an illustrator and showcased some of his early works, going back as far as when he was 6 years old. “To get better as an artist, just like with all other activities, you have to practice,” he said.

He also demonstrated how an illustrator approaches a manuscript and creates artwork that tells the author’s story. He created an illustration with the students using ideas that came from the imagination after reading a simple story.

“The next time you open a book, think of the author who wrote the perfect book and the illustrator who drew the perfect illustrations,” he said.