Students A-Buzz with Spelling Talent

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Winthrop Avenue students Kathryn Gabberty and Patrick Ingegno placed first and second, respectively, in the annual fourth-grade spelling bee.

Fourteen students competed on the auditorium stage to claim the title of top speller, with teacher Marybeth Cammarata serving as moderator. The competition proved difficult, when after more than 10 rounds, Kathryn took the title of top speller through the correct spelling of the words “bargain” and “disappear.” She and Patrick each received a Barnes & Noble gift certificate for this outstanding accomplishment.

Prior to the spelling bee, contests were held in individual classrooms, and the two top spellers from each class were invited to participate in the competition. Winning the spelling bee came with a few tricks, as Kathryn disclosed that her parents tested her every evening. Patrick, on the other hand, said he visualizes a word for the correct spelling.