Around the World Through Music

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Second-graders at Reinhard traveled across the globe through music during their annual choral concert for parents, staff and peers. Under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, the students performed a compilation of tunes that reflected the customs of Scotland, France, Italy, Africa, Australia and the United States.

Ms. Andersen explained that the concert’s theme of “A Trip Around the World” alluded to the fact that people throughout the world are not all that different.

“We all speak different languages, but we all smile in the same language,” she said. “And the whole world loves to sing.”

Principal Patricia Castine complimented the students on their dedication and commitment, which showed during the stellar program. She also noted that the music was more complicated because the students sang in rounds and in foreign languages. The roster of songs included “Loch Lomand,” “Vive La France,” “Funiculi, Funicula,” “Jambo Bwana” and “Party in the USA.”