A Carnival to Celebrate Reading

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As a culminating event to Pick a Reading Partner Month, Reinhard hosted an old-fashioned carnival to celebrate the month of reading this January. The students succeeded in reading 50,000 minutes for the program, and as a treat to reaching their goal, Principal Patricia Castine and Assistant Principal Elise Cahill dressed as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, respectively, to celebrate the PARP theme of “Rocking Out to Reading.”

PTA members and Entertainment Plus More owners Chris and Leslie Cerverizzo donated the carnival games, which included Krazy Cans, Big Mouth, Tick Tock Toe and more. Each student received a blow-up microphone to go along with the evening’s theme and prizes at each of the booths. The students even read an additional 15 minutes as Ms. Castine read Carolyn Crimi’s “Rock ’n’ Roll Mole” in the school auditorium.