Practicing the Scientific Method

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It was a flurry of activity as Winthrop third-graders explored the wide variety of science experiments and presentations featured at the school’s annual science fair.

Science consultant Brian Wallrapp explained that the students were encouraged to try their hand at experiments that are safe and practical and to share their results by crafting a formal presentation.

“The goal and purpose of the science fair is for students to perform experiments and discover things they did not know, as well as to get them excited about science,” he said.

The experiments varied, with students exploring how brownies taste with missing ingredients, whether fruits and vegetables sink in water, whether all foods contain fats, and many more. Each student received a ribbon and certificate for his or her participation.

“This is a great opportunity for Winthrop students to explore scientific concepts that they are interested in and to share their results with peers,” Principal Sally Curto said.