Celebrating the Gift of Health

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As part of Winthrop Avenue’s Health and Safety Week, students attended a CrossFit assembly with EatRite Nutrition experts Jessie Pappas and Doron Vaday. The assembly addressed different types of beneficial exercises, nutritious snacks and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“If you don’t exercise regularly, you will lose the ability to exercise and keep fit as you get older,” Vaday told the students.

Selected students were called to the stage to try a range of exercises, determine the amount of sugar in popular snacks, and participate in a fruit and vegetable matching game. Vaday also encouraged the students to accompany their parents to the supermarket and try new fruits and vegetables.

Also providing information to students during the week was the Epilepsy Foundation. Representatives from the organization put on a puppet skit for the students, teaching them what to do and what not to do if a person suffers a seizure. After the skit, the presenters answered students’ questions.

In addition, Nassau County police officer Sharon Galvin spoke to third- and fourth-graders about cyber safety and staying safe while walking in their neighborhoods. She cautioned the students about having too many followers on social media and spoke about the dangers of conversing online with people they don’t know personally.