Star Power Learning Center

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On Tuesday, April 24, second-grade students in Caryn McCabe’s class at Bellmore’s Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center traveled to Winthrop Avenue School to join librarian Marjorie Falabella and technology assistant Carol Monaco on a visit to the Star Power Learning Center.  

During the visit, the students enjoyed a presentation about solar energy and participated in a discussion about the many uses of the sun, renewable and non-renewable energy, and the importance of solar energy. Additionally, the second graders were introduced to solar absorption, which helped them understand how the ultraviolet beads they have used to make bracelets absorbs the sun’s energy to turn a white bead into a colored bead. The class also learned how the Winthrop Avenue School is considered a “solar farm.”

“We don’t grow vegetables, but we help make electricity for our school and for our community,” stated Mrs. Falabella.