Invention Convention

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Sixth-graders at Shore Road School put their creativity and science knowledge to the test as they participated in the school’s annual Rube Goldberg Invention Convention. Working in groups of four or fewer, students constructed fun and wacky contraptions from common household items.

“The purpose of the Invention Convention is to challenge students to construct a device that does a simple task in a complicated way,” said Principal Patrice Matthews. “It is a non-competitive event with emphasis on creativity, problem solving, and fun.”

To further instruct students about the program, the district’s science consultant, Brian Wallrapp, visited each sixth-grade class. Wallrapp also met individually with the student participants to answer questions and bounce around ideas for inventions.

Additionally, third and fifth-grade students at Winthrop Avenue and Shore Road Schools, assisted by Wallrapp, participated in their annual science fair. Once the students had chosen a topic of interest, they set out to build their projects. All projects entered into the science fair had to solve a problem, show an experiment or investigation, or compare one or more ideas and include a hypothesis and conclusion.