Students Make a Big Splash for the Environment

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Shore Road student council members involved with Operation Splash visited students in Stacy Reiner’s third-grade class at Winthrop Avenue to demonstrate ways to protect Long Island’s environment. The sixth-graders have been working with the grassroots environmental organization by clearing storm drains around their community streets and writing to the town about environmental problems and issues.
The Shore Road Operation Splash volunteers, under the direction of advisors Carolyn Acevedo and Kelly Popielaski, led the younger students in a variety of games, lessons and activities to drive home the value of being savvy environmentalists. The Winthrop students learned which everyday items should be recycled or placed in the trash, made a bottle cap fish bowl craft, read Dr. Michael J. Kruger’s book “Footsie and Lunko Meet Captain Al,” and played a game of hopscotch created out of recycled paper and bottle caps.
The goal of the program was to educate the third-graders about the importance of recycling and to promote Shore Road School’s involvement with Operation Splash.